BdW19062023b, ink on paper, 40 x 30 cm


Note: Artwork without Frame

Owning an original piece of Bernard de Wolff’s artwork is a truly unique opportunity. Each piece is a testament to his artistic vision and mastery of the ink medium. The lively and brutal nature of his impressionistic approach allows the viewer to experience a range of emotions, from joy and vitality to introspection and contemplation.

Having an original Bernard de Wolff ink on paper graphic in one’s collection not only offers a chance to own a valuable piece of art but also provides a gateway to a captivating visual narrative. It is an invitation to explore the artist’s interpretation of the world, his unique perspective on the human experience, and his ability to evoke emotions through his masterful use of ink on paper.



De Wolff’s ink on paper graphics exhibit a remarkable ability to convey movement and vitality. With each stroke of his pen or brush, he masterfully captures the fleeting moments and transitory nature of life. His impressionistic style allows for a fluid representation of form and atmosphere, emphasizing the play of light and shadow in a dynamic and captivating manner. The resulting artworks exude a sense of life’s vibrancy, as if frozen in a moment of perpetual motion.

However, alongside this liveliness, De Wolff’s art also delves into the raw realities of existence, embracing a touch of brutality. His choice of subject matter often explores the complexities of human experience, unafraid to confront the darker aspects of life. Whether depicting the harshness of the urban landscape or the visceral emotions of his figures, De Wolff’s ink on paper graphics possess a certain unfiltered honesty, evoking an emotional response in the viewer.


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