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Are you an artist looking for a new way to reach 
a wider audience to promote your work?

How it works:

  • You provide a high-quality digital image of one or more of your original artworks.
  • Our team creates mock-ups of products featuring your artwork.
  • The products are made available for sale in our webshop, with a 50-50 profit sharing arrangement.
  • The Bongo Club handles paid and organic promotions on various social media platforms.

Additionally, we can provide guidance and support for promoting art online.


Guidelines for Artists Joining TheBongo.Club Webshop.

These guidelines serve as a framework for discussing the purpose of the webshop and how to effectively operate it for the benefit of all parties involved. Please note that the terms and conditions outlined below are intended as guidelines and are not final. Artists participating in the pilot version of this site have the right to cancel their cooperation until a later announced moment, including the return of all rights to the use of their artwork.

What is TheBongo.Club?

  • a. TheBongo.Club is a Print On Demand Online Webshop featuring a curated catalog of products showcasing original artwork from established Artists with a proven national or international track record.

Who is TheBongo.Club for?

  • a. The webshop caters to young aspiring professionals and independent start-up entrepreneurs seeking to create a distinctive brand identity with unique utility items for everyday life, setting themselves apart from the content overload of modern-day artificial society.
  • b. It also provides a platform for seasoned and experienced artists with a proven track record in the offline world, who have been or are currently featured among the world's top galleries and enjoy a dedicated fan base that appreciates and purchases their work.

What problem does TheBongo.Club solve?

  • a. The site addresses the need for originality and uniqueness in everyday utility items by digitally incorporating an original piece of art. This enables customers to express their individuality and make art an integral part of their daily lives.
  • b. TheBongo.Club also assists seasoned artists who primarily sold single pieces of art at medium to high prices in the offline world. Many of these artists are not familiar with online marketing and self-promotion on social media, missing out on opportunities to sell their work. The webshop offers them a chance to present their art in a different form at a lower price point, making it more accessible to a wider audience. This acts as an initial step in their marketing funnel, leading potential customers to potentially purchase higher-priced artwork in the future.

How does TheBongo.Club work? [for Artists]

  • a. The site collaborates with a selected group of artists who provide a collection of their artwork, from which one piece will be chosen as the leading design for their products.
  • b. The artist must possess full copyright of the chosen artwork and grants TheBongo.Club the right to use it without any copyright compensation.
  • c. The artist agrees not to utilize the artwork for any other form of merchandising or print on demand. Profits from product sales will be split equally at a 50-50 rate.
  • d. The website will handle all activities related to the processing of artwork for merchandise production, in close consultation with the respective artist.
  • e. Promotions for the webshop will be conducted organically as well as through paid advertising.

How does TheBongo.Club work? [for Customers]

  • a. Customers can directly place orders on the website.
  • b. All shipping and order handling processes are automated and do not require any intervention from the website or the artists.

What is the first step?

a. Currently, we have 4 available spots for artists to join our special pilot promotion. If you wish to participate, please contact us as soon as possible via phone, email, or SMS.

b. Once we establish compatibility and mutual interest, the artist will provide TheBongo.Club with a small selection of artworks that align with the site's concept. Minor digital alterations may be necessary to optimize the art for specific products. The artist will be involved in this process and can provide input on the alterations.

c. TheBongo.Club will create a complete standard product suite and launch it on the webshop.

d. An "artist" page will be created.

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