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The Art And Philosophy Of Giving Up Control

One of the hardest lessons in life might be the moment when you have to give up control just because there’s no other option. I remembered clearly how hard this was when it happened to me.

The quote, “What is the meaning of life? To struggle for it.” by Soren Kierkegaard is an important lesson that we learn in order to make sense of our lives. One of the hardest lessons in life might be the moment when you have to give up control just because. I had to do this with my two children after my wife gave birth prematurely and they were both born with health issues. Of course, this is just a fictional example because I do not want to use my personal hardships for commercial use or to create a sense of pity. It is just an example that most people have no trouble relating to.

What can you do?

That is the ultimate question in life. We all like to believe that we can fly off in outer space and go live on Mars but that is a dream that is going to be a dream forever for most of our contemporary world citizens. The reality is that we are stuck here, living out our lives as best we can until we die. That being said, there are things that we can do to make ourselves happier than others around us. This includes making sure that your family has what it needs so that everyone stays healthy and happy. If you don’t know how to take care of yourself than ask someone who does. But even if you follow these guidelines there’s always that feeling that we failed to do what we set out to do. What can you do in such a situation when you have set expectations to yourself and others around you that you can not meet?

The Art Of Letting Go

I call it the art of letting go. I know it sounds very counterintuitive but letting go might actually be one of the hardest things to do. It’s not that we don’t want to let go, it is just that our ego gets in the way and makes us feel like we need to hold on tight for dear life. We think if we can hang onto something or someone then they will never leave us. But this isn’t true at all! If anything, holding on only serves as an anchor which keeps us from moving forward with our lives. So how does one learn to let go? Let me try to give you some hints on where to start looking

Stop giving up control of your life.

The feeling of being able to live your life without the help of others is so fundamental in the being of every living creature. Something that lives wants to keep on living. Life is the primary purpose of life. It’s what we are here for, and it’s something you can never give away. You have a right to be alive! The only thing that makes us feel like giving up our life is when someone else takes over from us or tries to take control of our life.

Start small with one thing at a time.

Start by doing things that make you happy. If you do this consistently then eventually you will find yourself wanting more out of life. When you want more out of life, you will naturally begin to look around for ways to get there.

Make peace with what you have

Set realistic goals and work towards them. Don’t set unrealistic ones because they are too hard or impossible. You can always change your mind later if it turns out not to be achievable after all. Be prepared for setbacks along the way. It may take longer than expected to achieve some things in life. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on something just yet.

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  1. Nothing short of a great story, Elon….that reminds me how I felt when we finally decided to pretend that we invented the graphic UI and the mouse!

    1. No offence Bill, but building electric cars is not at all the same thing as building electric computers. It is just unbelievable how your inventions saved us from all those gaslit calculators…